This Is The Day

by Groove Experience

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Freshness combined with musical brilliance
Groove Experience: This is a powerful-voiced front woman with quality handmade music and catchy but varied songs. An ensemble of innovative ideas and force that never gets boring stays in your head and leaves you wanting more.
The texts of the band come from deep feelings and present dissonance. Themes vary from becoming stronger through a break up (“Going wrong”), the doubt about the own perfectionism (“The best I could”) to the appeal to free thinking and action (“Created to review”).
The band lives the groove, the music and the fun and proves this through every single note.
“This is the day” is a versatile CD with strong hooks and will stay in your head. It deliberately reminds of the rock idols of the late 60s and 70s without emulating but reproducing in a whole own balanced sound."


released April 24, 2015

If you buy the complete album, you become the track "This Is The Day (Voc. Arkon)" as bonus!


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Groove Experience Brunswick, Germany

Fluxion (Album 05/2014)
Rambling for a new place (Video 02/2015)
This Is The Day (Album 04/2015)

Winner of Contests 2014/15:
regional final local-heroes, Salzig-Bandcontest, Lower Saxony half-final local-heroes,SchoolJam Live-Show Hanover, ELT-Contest, Second best talented band Lower Saxony, Second best Newcomer Band of Germany (

First Gig:
Sep. 2013
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Track Name: Rambling For A New Place
Rambling For A New Place

How many years can a vulture wait, staring down to his meal.
How many times he can watch a man die, thinking that nothing is real.
Dead people can´t walk their miles, so they´re rolling on like a wheel.
Everyone tries to be successful nobody cares how you feel.

Beware--- of the ones who want, to see you dead.
Take care--- of the ones who want, to steal your breath.

How many creatures want to win an award, ready to kick out their friends.
Achievements are very rare, the faithful time has to end.
Mothers love and children grace, are going down in a race.
The last love, still remains, rambling for an new place.
Track Name: Understand

Whatever you see at the skyline. You always know what it is.
Whenever you meet some strangers. You always know where they´re from.
If Something happens in your world. You always know the causes.
But you never got to know the sunshine, you just talk about the storm.

Stop to grumble all the time, listen to the other words.
Stop to grumble all the time, then you understand the world.

Like many others you´re explaining, every stone and every spread.
You pretend to be the wisest. Even though you spend your life --- in your flat
All things happen like you told, You´re fairytails seems very bold.
You tell no one could be better, but you don´t do anything--- with any passion.
Track Name: Another Day
Another Day

You get up in the early morning. You have to do the things for what you get paid.
Secretly you count the time, you just want to survive the pain.
When your home in the afternoon, you got a few hours to come down.
Sometimes you ask yourself, what you´re living for?

Another day, is passed away, and you know you are relieved from yourself.
Another reason, to cry about your life, it´s a pity, it´s a shame.

You get up in the early morning, and every time you do all the same.
Secretly you count the time, hour for hour a day.
Only one time a week, you catch a small breath from life.
Sometimes you ask yourself, what you´re living for?
Track Name: I Got The Spoon
I Got The Spoon

I got that house in the town far away.
With seven rooms but no one for me.
Everyone of them gots a door.
But no one ever entered a floor.

So many years of being unable.
So many times hiding under the table.
I got the spoon and you got the cake.
I don´t wait for another break.

I got that house in the town far away.
They try to get it, it looks like a dream.
I can´t use it but I still believe,
that I´m home alone, when I´m grown.
Track Name: Keep Up
Keep Up

You took me on a trip, out of this place.
To see this wide world, to fade away.
We saw a lot of streets, with no end.
The world goes further, the world dies last.

You know, no one ever is winning the cup.
You know, no one ever is going to keep up.
I stay in this town, it´s safe and dry.
This place germinates in the losses of the least.

A world of vigilance, a road to improve.
The mind is networking, physically we stunt.
No one tries the first step, but everyone is walking.
We forget our home place, while we are talking.
Track Name: The Best I Could
The Best I Could

I went out to find the luck, walking on the graves of kindness.
Someone sent me, a letter to my heart, written that they have found me.
I should get it, if I just really want. I should be the best they found.
They will make this, lonely try-out. That’s my only chance.

Am I doing, the best I could? Cause I´m not here to fail.
Am I doing, the best I could? Cause it´s my only chance.

Someone made me, an interesting offer. But if I do, another will go.
I got two pieces, I got a choice, what should I choose?
I´m prepared, I´m open minded, it can´t be too hard.
I have to make this, lonely try-out. That’s my only chance.
Track Name: Created To Review
Created To Review

Well, you know I gotta get away,
born and raised in mirages.
There's no doubt the words are clear,
I'm hoping for your appreciation.

Don't listen to the words they say,
see behind the curtain.
It rules a big pack of lies,
that's what people crush.
Clear mind is the real armament,
that's why they try to veil.
Sway is like the humans venom,
that's what people crush.

Now I'm searching for a better life,
created to review.
I won't give up my dreams and targets,
I'm hoping for your appreciation.

Stand up and go – fighting for your rights,
reflect your situation – is that the real freedom?
Stand up and go – fighting for your rights,
my words are clear – I'm hoping for your mind.
Track Name: It Wouldn't Be The Same
It Wouldn't Be The Same

I can't live without, it's not the same.
I couldn't leave it, it wouldn't be the same.
I take it with me, I don't give my love away.

I spent so much time, I spent so much love, no pain reaches my body and mind.
So happy days, I lived in the past.
She acts like a friend, she loves like a friend, she holds my heart in her hand.
I feel rescued I feel home.

It's hard to take it, all overwhere, it's hard to beware it, from all impacts,
but I take care of it, and I get my reward.
It escorts me, from year to year, it rescues me if I need,
nothing ever could replace this gift.
Track Name: Going Wrong
Going Wrong

I never saw you going straight, I'm not able to relate
but you insist on your presumption.
You never think you going wrong, but I knew it all along
you're not a dream – it's just a nightmare.
Can you feel how I feel, recognize my squeal
you barking up the wrong tree.

My correlation died tonight – it's now your lonely fight.
We were friends, we were more – till you harm my core.
You're not the honey moon or favourite tune – just a man in the night.
I love-you breach it's hard to say – you are history now.

Suddenly the doubts come and all the mind scrum
but I know where it comes from.
Love is like the rising sun, convert it to a shiny gun
it can boost or impair you.
Well it comes and goes like a reccurent rose
feel (the) division revives me.
Track Name: This Is The Day
This Is The Day

The night is over, she looks to the sky
there is nothing to see just here gods eye.
They are waiting to judge, they are waiting
to freeze.
All she could do is to wait and betray
This is the end of your lesson,
but it's our release.

Ohh my friend,
It's just the way you see it.
Ohh my friend,
It's just the way you feel it.

Can't you see their love?
Can't you see their strings?
They are strummin to them
they tell us what they think
It's all about to live like you want
so no one ever could steal what you need.
This is the end of your lesson,
but it's our release.

Can you see it?
Can you feel it?
This is the day,
This is the day – which you live right now.

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